19. Februar 2012

Bücherpräsentation in der Babette Bar

                      Würde mich sehr freuen, euch am Schalttag zu sehen...

Please join us for Leap Year...

 Wednesday, February 29th at 8pm

Info On Books

Kosmetiksalon Babette

Bar in der Karl-Marx-Allee 36

10178 Berlin, Germany

Am DJ Pult / Presenting the very special DJs: Eva and Jiga from 3on4


und mit den kürzlichen Neuerscheinungen / and presenting the very special, recently published books:

+ + +

Untitled & Items for Possible Video Sets  by Stefan Panhans 

Published by Textem Verlag

+ + +


Famous Quotes by Famous People by Andrea Winkler

 Published by Snoeck Verlagsges

+ + +

One Euro by Maarten Janssen

Published by The Green Box

+ + +

bbabaubaumbaudevin by Erica Baum / Francis Baudevin 

Co-published by Bureau, Circuit and Regency Arts Press 

+ + +

Between the Area and the Source by Tom Kovachevich

Published by Regency Arts Press

+ + +

Fuzzy Dark Spot by Wolfgang Oelze

Published by Revolver

mit / featuring:

 John von Bergen

Goesta Diercks

Heike Mutter / Ulrich Genth

Wolfgang Oelze

Stefan Panhans

Alexander Rischer

Oliver Ross

Andrea Winkler

+ + +