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All photographs are based on the matrix of Stephen Shores legendary 'A Road Trip Journal'. Volker Renner tried to redo all the photographs Shore did on his trip in 1973.
Renner kept the information Shore made and changed them if the name had changed within time.
People and places Renner could not find and could not photograph are left blank in the layout. The route varies in some places, due to the fact that Shore didn't take pictures the whole journey. 37 years later Volker Renner followed his photographs like a pilgrimage - or like a tourist who follows his attractions.
His photographs as Renners attraction, in search of Shores tracks, his motives and movements within a city and on the road.


I would like to thank everybody who helped me with this project. Nandor Angstenberger, Dominik Anweiler,Kirsten Biehl, Ian Birnie, Ole and Susanne Burmester, David von Cannon, Monika Gryzmala, Christoph Jantos,Volko Kamensky, Ariane Kempken, Maike Klein, Robert Morat, Jan Peters, Peter Piller, Peter Rensmann, Kenneth Lo Shi all of my friends, supporters and my family of course.

There are many people at textem who made A Road Trip Redone happen. Nora Sdun who guided the projectfrom beginning to end. Stephanie Bunk and Christoph Steinegger, Gustav Mechlenburg and Sebastian Reuss. This is the second book I’ve published with textem. 

At Phaidon I am grateful to Stephan Müller and Richard Schlagman, whom I met once and whom I photographed in Milan at the Salone Del Mobile in a Campana chair. "A Road Trip Journal” is available through Phaidon Press.


In admiration of Stephen Shore and his work.


Volker Renner wurde 1977 geboren und lebt in Hamburg.



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Volker Renner, “A Road Trip Redone”

Textem Verlag, Hamburg 2012
ISBN: 978-3-86485-014-1Printed in Germany / Druckhaus Köthen
104 Seiten, 4c Fotografie, 275 x 348 cm (Hochformat)
330 Signierte und nummerierte Exemplare
46 Euro


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